Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank

    • Actual Size: 10' wide x 6' deep x 10' tall
    • Outlets: Does not require electrical power
    • Attendants: 1

    • $225.00
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This classic dunk tank is exactly what your next school carnival or city event needs! Guests can take turns launching a ball at the target in hopes of dunking the unlucky participant inside! Students love dunking their principal, teachers, and coaches at school events! Community members enjoy dunking mayoral candidates or other well-known public figures! The dunk tank is a great fundraiser, a fun attraction, and an inexpensive addition to your next outdoor event.


Dimensions: 10' tall x 6' long x 10' wide


Electrical power requirements: Does not require electrical power- Does require a customer supplied hose and water in order to fill the tank.


Participant restrictions to sit on dunk tank: 

-Maximum weight 250lbs

-Minimum age 12 years old


Staff requirement: 1 capable adult


Average number of persons who can experience this activity per hour: 30


Target age range: 12 years old- 60 years old


*Standard published rental rate is based on a standard daytime rental with up to 4 consecutive hours of operating time