2 Station Euro Bungee Trampoline w/Operators

2 Station Euro Bungee Trampoline w/Operators

    • Actual Size: 18' wide x 35' long x 24' tall
    • Setup Area: 40' diameter circle- 24' tall
    • Outlets: 1
    • Attendants: 0

    • $1,525.00
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The 2 station euro bungee trampoline is the the same unit as our popular 4 station model but only operating 2 stations.  This is a good way to save a few dollars on a smaller event that won't see enough traffic to warrant the entire 4 station model.  Also excellent for events with space limitations.
This amazing state of the art structure allows people to feel as if they could leap buildings in a single bounce.  With the aid of inflatable trampolines and multiple bungee cords, the jumper experiences an incredible shot upwards with each jump.  While in mid-air, people may experience the adrenaline rush of a single, double, or event triple somersault!
Rate includes our staff handling all the setup/ teardown work as well as operating the bungee trampoline during the event.

Dimensions: 18' x 35' with a minimum overhead clearance of 24'

Electrical power requirements: (1) standard 120 volt electrical outlet within 75' of the center of the game on a dedicated 20 amp circuit breaker

Participant restrictions: 
-Maximum weight 200lbs
-Minimum weight 40lbs
*Due to the harness device used some body proportions may restrict use.  Persons who are abnormally large or small in the waist or legs may not fit into the harness and thus not able to ride.

Staff requirement: Professionally trained staff is included in the rental rate to operate the bungee.

Average number of persons who can experience this activity per hour: 30-40

Target age range: 4 years old- 40 years old

*Rental rate is based on a standard daytime/ evening rental with up to 4 hours of operating time.  Overnight events with operating hours between 11pm and 6am are subject to a $40 per hour surcharge.