Why do you require a monitor to be certified?

Your planning an event and have reserved the best equipment to make your event a success.   You envision everyone having a great time and enjoying themselves.   But often times in the process it is easy to forget that when not operated properly people can get hurt.   If someone gets hurt not only can it cast a dark cloud over your event but you must also consider the liability that could be involved.      Protecting your image and liability should be at the top of your must have list.   Here at Northstar we are committed to safety.   That is why we require all monitors to be certified through Jumptrain Online Academy.   Jumptrain is an organization that provides easy online safety certifications for the event rental world.  It takes very little time to do and is provided at no additional cost for you.   It is a no brainer really!

Can this course be used in a group setting?

Yes!   If you are holding a volunteer meeting prior to your event this is a great resource you can use!   It is an all video format featuring a prominent Emmy award winning Journalist!

How does it work?

Once you place a reservation you will receive an email that will contain a link to the safety course.   Click that link and enter the redemption code included.  Then you just start your course!  After passing you will receive a certificate showing you passed the course and you are all set!   

How much will it cost for me to become a certified Monitor?

For you nothing!   All costs are taken care of by Northstar as part of our commitment to safety at your event!

How long will it take to become a certified Monitor?

It takes on average 15 minutes for someone to complete the course start to finish.